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R.A.I.N. Meditation

Simple technique for creating mindfulness and working with difficult emotions

This meditation can be done in a light way, in the moment. Or you can set aside some time to really explore a difficult life situation, using this technique to go deeper.

R. Recognize how you are feeling, how it shows up in the body.

A. Allow the feeling, thought, situation to be. See it, notice it without pushing it away.

I. Investigate with interest and care. Is it true? Is it ALWAYS true? If not, what is? What else is


N. Nurture—where does it hurt? Why is this triggering? How can I support, comfort, appreciate,

love, heal , stay present? How can I be my own best friend here? What do I need to let go

of? How might I do that?

The nurture step is important and sometimes the hardest. It takes time to heal our hearts and we have to make time for it.

For more check out Thanks to @hussanamir for the beautiful photo

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