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All are welcome to all yoga classes.  Listen to your body and your mind.  Work at your own pace and modify as feels right to you.  Yoga is a gift and a birthright to all.


Yoga practices differ on many things but all of them agree that the main goal of yoga is to connect to the “True Self” in the heart--however you define it--be it Consciousness, Spirit, the Divine Within, or simply your Best Self.

In-Person and Livestreaming classes


9:00 am Livestream Pilates - the 14th St Y


6:00 pm In-Person + Livestream "Happy Hour" Yoga Level 1/2 -  The Yoga Common

7:15 pm In-Person + Livestream Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga Level 2/3 - The Yoga Common 


9:00 am Livestream Core Yoga for Strong Bones - Chintamani's Zoom

​11:00 am In-Person Only - Chair Yoga for Strong Bones -  Sirovich Center



9:00 am Livestream Yoga for Strong Bones - Chintamani's Zoom  


12:00 pm  In-Person + Livestream "Lunchbox" Yoga Level 1/2 -  The Yoga Common




9:00 am Livestream Core Yoga for Strong Bones - Chintamani's Zoom



9:00 am Livestream Hatha Yoga (Senior Friendly) - the 14th St Y 


9:00 am Livestream Core Yoga for Strong Bones - Chintamani's Zoom

Class descriptions and How to Join

For information on class descriptions and how to join, click here.

Chintamani's Zoom classes are donation-based. 

$15.00 donation suggested - sliding scale. 

$6.00 for Seniors. 

​Many of us are suffering financially and lost our yoga centers.  I wish yoga to be a healing practice for you, not a worry.  Please donate what feels right to you.


Venmo @Chintamani-Kansas

Zelle @718-344-1317

"Chintamani’s yoga classes are both challenging and fun. Chintamani’s pose sequencing is always creative and varied.  Her sense of humor, generous spirit and eclectic taste in music set the tone for a thoroughly enjoyable class.  I always leave her classes feeling calm, strong and lighthearted.​"

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