Yoga Teacher Training

Teacher Training

I am honored to have been a part of the mang'Oh yoga teacher training since its inception in 2011.

It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with people interested in studying yoga in a deeper level than is possible in regular group classes.

For the program, I designed and developed the sections for Inversions, Backbending and Subtle Body (Energy).  I also created segments focusing on alignment, core activation and hyper-mobility correction.

Every year I mentor 2-4 students in-depth, providing assistance and specific feedback on homework and practicum.

All of our sections incorporate a lot of movement and play to make learning fun.

From the Mentees:

Chintamani was terrific. Even almost a year later she is still offering support and guidance.

Chintamani is intelligent, energetic, funny and inclusive.  A fountain of knowledge that she is kind enough to share.

I love how authentic Chintamani is, she is super relatable.  She creates a nice environment, she is so bubbly and kind.

Demo:  Headstand Assist

Interested in private yoga or mentorship with me?  Drop me a line.  

For information about the mang'Oh teacher training, click here.