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Yoga Teacher Training

Teacher Trainings

I am honored to have been a part of the The Yoga Common (formerly mang'Oh yoga) 200-hour teacher training since its inception in 2011.  Additionally, I am a part of the 300 hour Teacher Training, launched in 2022.

These programs are wonderful opportunities to connect with people interested in studying yoga in a deeper level than is possible in regular group classes.

For the programs, I designed and developed several sections, including back bending, inversions, subtle energy, sun salutations, sequencing, meditation and more.

Every year I mentor 2-4 students in-depth, providing assistance and specific feedback on homework and practicum.

All of our sections incorporate a lot of movement and play to make learning fun.

From the Mentees:

Chintamani was terrific. Even almost a year later she is still offering support and guidance.

Chintamani is intelligent, energetic, funny and inclusive.  A fountain of knowledge that she is kind enough to share.

I love how authentic Chintamani is, she is super relatable.  She creates a nice environment, she is so bubbly and kind.

Yoga for Variable Populations

January 20 - 29, 2023

Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 12.53.19 PM.png

The Yoga Common Advanced Teacher Training 25 - Hour Module

We are spirits living in physical bodies. Chances are everyone, at some point in life, will experience a bodily event — an injury, imbalance, or condition that affects movement and mobility. As people mature through life, we may experience more than one physical challenge. How do we adapt our yoga practices to benefit, not harm? This training will offer techniques and approaches to modify and adjust classes, sequences, and poses to build accessible, supportive, and beneficial practices for a wide variety of students — including those with injuries, seniors, pregnant people, and more. You’ll also learn how to modify your own practice if you encounter injury and as your body ages and changes.

In this module, we’ll explore:

  • Adapting group classes vs. private clients

  • Yoga for osteoporosis & common back injuries

  • Movements to awaken and strengthen the core (back, abdominals and joint-supporting muscles)

  • Group classes for Older Adults

  • Safe & Beneficial Chair Yoga

  • Incorporating elastic bands, small hand weights, & massage balls

  • Refining alignment cues for different bodies

To learn more, click here

Interested in private yoga or mentorship with me?  Drop me a line.  

From the 200-hour:  Headstand Assist Demo

For information about the Yoga Common's Teacher Trainings, visit the Yoga Common website and click on Workshops and Trainings 

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