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Chintamani Kansas

(she, her, hers)

Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Myofascial Release


Once upon a time, I discovered Yoga in a gym, and quickly realized how simple, yet powerful Yoga can be for bringing balance and healing.  Within a few weeks, I began to feel improvements in body and mind.  Yoga has helped me overcome trauma and injuries, and redirect my life towards health and happiness.  Once I experienced the wellness benefits of yoga for myself, I knew I had to share Yoga with everyone!


I have been studying and teaching Classic and Specialty Yoga for over 15 years.  I also incorporate Mat Pilates, Myofascial Release and Meditation.


I am a longtime faculty member of the mang'Oh Yoga 200 Teacher Training where I teach the art of yoga and directly mentor budding new teachers.

You're in Good Hands

I love learning and continue my education regularly, so I can be of the best service to others.

I have studied with Physical Therapists and Psychotherapists as well as Yoga and Pilates leaders.

Select List of Studies


  • May 2021 Pilates Mat for Back Injuries at Kane School Pilates

  • July 2020  Private Study with Physical Therapist and Movement Specialist

  • May 2018 Postnatal Pilates with Deb Goodman at Kane School Pilates

  • May 2017 Prenatal Pilates with Deb Goodman at Kane School

  • February 2014:  Pilates for Buff Bones(TM)  Safe Pilates for Osteoporosis, Great workout for everyone

  • June 2012 – Sept 2012   Kane School Comprehensive Mat Pilates Certification

  • May 2012  OM Yoga 500-hour Teacher Training, Vinyasa

  • Dec 2010 Embodied Anatomy & Yoga Program at the Breathing Project

  • April 2009 Yoga-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety, IYI

  • February 2009 Meditation retreat at Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA

  • June 2008 B Yoga NYC:  Prenatal Yoga Training

  • June 2006 – Feb 2007 Phoenix Rising Level III and Therapist Certification

  • April 2004 Shambhala Meditation Program

  • 2002 Certified at Atmananda Yoga and Holistic Center, New York, NY

What's a Chintāmaṇi?  How'd You Get Your Name?

I was not raised with yoga, but I like to joke that my first yoga training was in utero!  For a few months, my parents practiced bhakti (devotional) yoga in an ashram in Texas.  Just before I was born, they decided to return to their classical Midwest American backgrounds and moved back to Kansas.  But they named me "Chintāmaṇi" in memory of their special time in the spiritual community.

"Chintāmaṇi" (pronounced chin-TOM-uh-knee) is a Sanskrit word, which has multiple meanings.  My parents say it means that "the soul is like a diamond:  clear and indestructible."  In Buddhism, Chintāmaṇi  is "a jewel which removes obstacles to enlightenment."  

Chintāmaṇi is a long name, so many people prefer to call me "C" for short.

Here is a song with the word Chintāmaṇi:  Song:  Chintamani  Album Prathamesha  Artist Sanjeev Abhyankar

Yoga Lineage

I combine Hatha, Vinyasa, Pilates and other therapeutic techniques.  My studies include classic indigenous  wisdom from the yogis of India, and also contemporary sports medicine.

The Vinyasa we practice today evolved from the work of Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois.  The Hatha I teach comes from the Iyengar tradition.  Much of my understanding of the energy system was taught by Dr. Vasant Lad.

Let us bow in gratitude to the ancient yogis who developed and passed down the technology of yoga.  Let us bow in gratitude to the modern yoga practitioners who continue to contribute to the evolution of this incredible system for working with the mind to relieve suffering and elevate consciousness.