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"I was explaining to someone the other day when talking about your class, it’s just the perfect combination.  You have such a warm personality, great enthusiasm, positive energy and a fun sense of humor, plus you keep things interesting and challenging.  I like your hands on adjustments and I like your words especially what you say at the end of class."

"Truly, I believe we really need to acknowledge those who are putting much of themselves forward in service to others..and your Light shines through so brightly in your classes..gentle acceptance, encouragement, yet at the same time, pushing through for more inner strength and integrity in the same breath."

"It was a great experience.  I was able to relax, let go, and connect with myself.  I experienced lots of joy as a result of the session.  I was able to open up and speak from the heart.  At the end of the session, I felt more energized and grounded.  My mind was quiet.  Chintamani is a very talented therapist with a great, wonderful heart.  Her presence, her encouragement, her support are extremely helpful and a true gift for her clients."

"The session brought my awareness to how to better support my body and help it heal without the mental judgments I have held.  A shining light."

yoga sleuthed by  YogaCity NYC!

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