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10 Things You May Not Know about Chintamani


Chintāmaṇi is my given name.

"Chintāmaṇi" (pronounced chin-TOM-uh-knee) is a Sanskrit word, which has multiple meanings. One is "the soul is like a diamond: clear and indestructible." A core yoga teaching—whatever happens in your daily life, the True Self, or Soul, is completely safe, untouched, connected to the energy of the universe, and eternal. In Buddhism, Chintāmaṇi is "a jewel which removes obstacles to enlightenment." Many people prefer to call me “C” for short.


I am a childhood trauma survivor

I don’t talk about this much, because when I am teaching yoga, I want to present a safe, unclouded, sacred, therapeutic space for my students and clients. I practice yoga for me. I teach yoga for YOU. Yoga continues to be instrumental in my healing process.


I almost became an American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter.

But then I didn’t.

I am still a Deaf Culture advocate.


I adore science fiction & zombie stuff

Favorite Book Ever: Dune. Favorite Movie: Blade Runner (non Narrator edition). Favorite TV Series . . . Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009) or the Walking Dead, it’s a tie.


Yoga almost broke my body. It also rehabbed it.

In my 20s when I started yoga, I was super flexible, and my early teachers would encourage me to “go for it.” Over time, I developed injuries and pain in all of my joints—turns out I was too flexible. The good news is, through deeper yoga study and practice, I was able to rehab all my joints and am now virtually pain-free. And much stronger to boot! This gives me a lot of knowledge and understanding for my clients. I also studied anatomy and movement to get more understanding.


I am an only child . . . sort of . . .

I have no human siblings, but I grew up with dogs, cats, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, fish, parakeets, and briefly a raccoon and an o’possum. I also got to ride horses on weekends for a few years. At the moment, I only have cats and a boyfriend.


I am an introvert.

Yoga is my passion, I want to share it with everyone. I love connecting with all kinds of people and witnessing their growth in yoga. But at the end of the day, I need to unplug and have some solitude and quiet time. My favorite day off is to cook a nice meal, read a book for few hours, then hang out with my family.


Yoga is my True Love, but I also need other kinds of movement

Yoga is every day for me. I also do bike rides and hikes. I lift weights. I do core work. I dance. I am certified in Pilates Mat and Zumba in addition to Hatha, Vinyasa and Therapeutic Yoga. Honestly, it’s all yoga to me. If you’re uniting body, mind, breath, presence and soul—that’s Yoga.


Subtle Energy is real, but I’m a scientist

My current meditation practice focuses on classic mindfulness and journaling. I have seen auras, chakras, and nadis. I have felt other people’s injuries in my own body. I have had psychic experiences that turned out true, and others that were imagination. I have had “healers” tell me things that were sometimes true and sometimes not. Subtle energy is totally real, but we all need to keep grounded and centered --as well as interested and curious.


I’m extremely silly and kind of musical.

I often make up dances and lip sync at home, or come up with alternative lyrics to amuse myself and my sweetheart, Andrew Williams.

Other Stuff:

Teaching yoga since: 2001

Hometown: Topeka, Kansas


BA in English Literature/Creative Writing. Near minors in Women’s Studies and American Sign Language (ASL). Yoga and Movement Trainings—so many. Hatha, Vinyasa, Anatomy, Therapeutic, Meditation, Prenatal, Postnatal, Osteoporosis, Joint care, Pilates . . .

Primary practice: Yoga

Non-favorite poses: Uṣṭrāsana, Vīrāsana

Yoga tunes: I love classical Indian music and much more. My playlists are eclectic. Check out my Spotify: Chintamani Kansas. I also like to listen to YouTube Channel (FREE!)—Nu Meditation Music.

Personal Music: Classic Rock, Alternative, 80s, Reggae, Dance Hall, Salsa, Hip Hop, Oldies . . . I hate country music. Except Willie Nelson.

Family: Happily cohabitating with my life partner, Andrew Williams. I have not felt the calling to have children in this lifetime. I have 3 cats, Biggie, Jubie and Brucie. All of them are rescues.

Favorite Food: Cheese.

Ice Cream: Vanilla sprinkled with cayenne pepper and cinnamon. Yes, I am serious.

Attractions: Animals, music, nature, cuisine

Aversions: Loud noises, bad smells, crowds, bad vibes, liver and onions

Favorite Vacation: Jamaica

Favorite Color: Red

Star Sign: Pisces-- Sagittarius Rising, Virgo Moon

Myers Briggs: INFP –Introverted, Intuitive, Feeler Perceiver

Dosha: Kapha Pitta Vata

Religion: “Kindness is my Religion.” --the Dalai Lama. I am definitely a theist. I lean most towards Buddhism. I have always been attracted to Indian art and culture, and draw from the yoga teachings every day.

Weirdest dream:

I was working in an office, and the boss took the entire team to an amusement park for a team-building exercise. This amusement park was completely enclosed in a mesh fence, including the sky. Inside the park were real vampires. My coworkers and I were given wooden stakes and sent out to work as a team to not get eaten by the real vampires. The Vampires tended to surprise attack. I had a lot of near death experiences, and it was really hard physically and mentally, but I managed to kill every vampire that came my way. Unfortunately, half of my team got eaten and my boss was pissed. He didn't take it seriously. A few vampires figured out a way to escape the theme park and go out into the world. This dream happened before the HBO show True Blood, by the way.

Happiness is: Being loved for who you are. Doing work you feel called to do.

Connect with Chintamani:

Instagram: @yogawithc

Facebook Yoga with C: Yoga with C

Facebook Chintamani: Chintamani Kansas

Call or text: 718.344.1317

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