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The Yoga for Strong Bones Series (Classic Yoga and Core Yoga)

Classic Yoga for Strong Bones and Core Yoga for Strong Bones are classes that are energizing & beneficial for everyone, yet specifically helpful to people who have Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, back injuries, and shoulder injuries.


Many Yoga and Pilates classes have excellent moves for strengthening bones--but many of these classes actually incorporate moves that are harmful to people with bone density loss.  Yoga for Strong Bones classes are designed to enhance bone-building movements and eliminate unsafe movements.  No need to remember a list of modifications for yourself--these classes are designed to be fluid and safe, so there is no distraction from the yoga experience.


Core Yoga for Strong Bones combines Pilates-style movements with Yoga.  Extra attention to strengthening the Core (abdominals, sides, and back).  We also focus on Posture and Balance.  Small weights and elastic exercise bands are incorporated.  This class builds up to a brisk pace, yet everyone moves at their own pace and takaes breaks, as desired.  Options are offered to create more challenge for the individual as well.


Classic Yoga for Strong Bones is a Classic Hatha Yoga class, with some flowing transitions.  Extra attention to balance, posture, and bone-building.  This class builds up to a pace, but is more calming than Core Yoga.


Benefits of Yoga for Strong Bones Classes:


  • Stimulate bone density in key areas

  • Strengthen back and core

  • Decompress

  • Alleviate, improve or prevent back pain

  • Improve posture

  • Reverse effects of computer and cell phone use

  • Feel tall, aligned and energized!

More information, visit my page: Osteoporosis page


Any questions, or to say “hi” email Chintamani Kansas (a.k.a. “C”) at


"Thank you for Saturday’s special workshop at the Y.  Although I took the session last year, there is always something to take away from it, whenever you are leading it. And, I always love taking your classes. 

 In addition to your knowing about the body and clearly explaining the exercises and providing helpful directives, you make the classes fun and productive.  I admire your wonderfully cheerful attitude, along with your warm, comforting and helpful manner that you extend to everyone. 

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